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2RF01 Paul USA  Director

Hello and welcome to my homepage .

As you know, my name is Paul.
I am 47 years old, married and I have two sons .
I live in the Northeast part of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania.
My hobbies are following Winston Cup Nascar racing and the Radio.
I am currently using a Galaxy DX2517 which is actually a update of the Saturn and I am using PDL2's in Quad .
My microphones are a Turner +3B and Turner Expander 500.
I have many contacts throughout Europe, South Africa and Canada.
No extra power.

My occupation is a marine mechanic.
I am certified on Mercruiser, Volvos and OMCs .
I work on sterndrive and big inboard boats.
My specialty is drive rebuilding.

The radio is my enjoyment and relaxation.
I hope to hear from any of you out there on the Radio .
I monitor 27.555 USB, 26.285USB, and locally 27.375 & 27.385 LSB
I also Dx out of my mobile with a Mirage 88, Messenger 250, and a Dave Made Antenna.

Well I hope you enjoyed this and if you have a question about anything let me know .

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