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Our Mascot - Romeo

Radio Operators World Wide are invited to join the Romeo Fox International Dx Group.

The Group was founded on December 5 1998 by 9RF001 Wayne - World Controller.

The Group plans to become known and respected Worldwide as one whose members are friendly and helpful Radio Operators who use their Equipment professionally.

Our Members are expected to operate in a professional manner at all times to ensure that the reputation our Group earns is well deserved and to respect the rights of all other Radio Operators while operating under the Radio Code of Conduct
(Gentleman's Agreement).

Romeo Fox or ( Romeo Foxtrot ) Call Signs are to be used on Sideband and FM modes only.

Numbers are issued for life ( however ) , we reserve the right to : remove the numbers from any member who uses them in disrespect of ; the Group, fellow members, other Radio Operators, accepted Radio practices, and to re-issue them.

The Group also reserves the right to not issue numbers to known troublemakers.

Before making a Call on an International Call Frequency it is a good idea to find a clear frequency that is not occupied that you can QSY to ( after making a contact ) , for your QSO, as QSO's are not to be held on the International Call Frequencies.

When sending a QSL * DO NOT * put the Call Sign on the Envelope.

We plan on offering our members the most that we can as we feel that you deserve it.

A Roster will be available in the future to members without access to our Groups Web Site, along with a Membership Certificate and other items.

There is no fee to Join. Contributions to help cover costs are appreciated.

Headquarters Mailing Address : - Wayne Beaudry

P.O. Box 287 Levack, Ontario Canada P0M 2C0

E-Mail : -

USA Radio Operators who wish to join our Group fill in * ALL * of the blocks below and click submit once.

If you are interested in becoming a Co-ordinator or Area Co-ordinator for the USA please E-Mail 2RF01 - Paul directly.

Please note that the lowest numbers ( 01 to 20 or so ) are reserved for Executive members .

*Note* : This form is for 2 Division USA Only all others who wish to join Click HERE for the Main Membership Page.

Romeo Fox Membership Form
Call Sign
Full Name
P.O. Box #


Zip Code
E-Mail A.D.
Number Prefered
Your Personal Home Page URL - * Optional *

By Clicking " Submit " you agree to the terms of Membership above.

Please !! Click Submit ONCE !! only

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